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Plantation Shutters

When it comes to Plantation Shutters, Choice is everything. That’s why we have traveled the world to find the very best solutions for you. Indoor, outdoor or even wet areas. Premium quality and service at a great price, that’s our promise.


Fauxwood Eco Plantation Shutters

1300Blinds Fauxwood Eco Shutters are by far our most popular Plantation Shutters. The extruded resin aluminium reinforced material offers exceptional value. With a flawless finish and impressive durability that will stand the test of time. It’s easy to see why our customers are so fond of this product.


The high tensile finish of our Fuaxwood Eco Shutters will not warp, peel, split or shrink. It is UV resistant making it effective against fading and discolouration. The structurally engineered frames and heavy duty hinges make for a robust shutter.

Health and Safty 

Our Shutters exceed Australia’s  health and safety standards for VOC levels. We have had our shutters independently tested by world leaders SGS Group and have not detected any Volatile Organic Compounds which could be harmful to your family. 1300Blinds uses only the best for your families home.

Water Resistant

1300Blinds Fauxwood Eco Shutters are water resistant. Making them a perfect product to use in wet areas like bathroom, kitchens and laundrys, where timber shutters would have issues.


Not just a pretty face! Save on energy bills with the great thermal qualities of our Eco Shutters. Keep the home cool in summer and warm through winter.

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