Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are modern, efficient, and simple to use. With options to suite any budget and design, 1300 Blinds Panel Blinds are hard to pass up. Make quick work of adjusting the natural light to your home with simple wand controls. Open up the space with unobstructed views by sliding the panels across.

1300 Blinds - Panel Glides

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1300 Blinds

Fabric Options

Panel Blinds can be made in a large range of fabrics and colours to match your decor. Its 1300 Blinds extensive range of options that make our Panel Blinds so sought after.


Block out fabrics make our panel blinds a great option for darkening the room and giving control over the light.

Light Filtering

Cut down on the harshness of the sun but maintain light and privacy with light filtering Panel Blinds.


Don’t want to loose your view but need to cut down on the heat. Sunscreen Panel Blinds will solve that issue.


Just don’t want your window bare, need something modern to fill the void. New Sheer rollers are a light elegant touch to complete your window.