Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

We are excited to present our exceptional collection of Vertical Blinds, designed to bring versatility, style, and functionality to your space. Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or seeking practical solutions for light control and privacy, our Vertical Blinds offer the perfect combination of beauty and practicality. With their sleek design and remarkable versatility, these blinds are a fantastic addition to your doors and windows. Discover the endless possibilities and transform your living spaces with our stylish Vertical Blinds from 1300 Blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Control Options

Vertical blinds offer convenient control options to suit individual preferences. With wand control, you can easily tilt and traverse the blind panels using a sleek and ergonomic wand, while cord control allows for precise adjustment of the blinds’ angle and position using a durable and reliable cord mechanism.

Vertical Blind Wand Control

Vertical Blind Cord control

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Vertical Blinds Bottom Weight Options

At 1300 Blinds, we understand that the little details can make a big difference in the overall look and functionality of your Vertical Blinds. That’s why we offer a variety of bottom weight finish options to suit your personal style and preferences.  With these versatile bottom weight finish choices, you can customize your Vertical Blinds to perfectly complement your interior decor. Explore our selection and find the ideal finishing touch for your Vertical Blinds at 1300 Blinds.

Vertical Chainless Weights

Vertical Blinds Chainless Weights

Vertical Blinds Sewn in Weights

Vertical Blinds Sewn in Weights

Vertical Blinds Chained Weights

Vertical Blinds Chained Weights

Vertical Blind installation

At 1300 Blinds, our experienced professionals carefully evaluate your requirements to determine the optimal installation approach for your vertical blinds. We offer multiply installation options including face fit, reveal fit, and ceiling mount. Face fit involves mounting the blinds on the wall or window frame, while reveal fit places them inside the recess for a sleek appearance. Ceiling mount is suitable for windows with limited space or when you desire a heightened sense of openness. Rest assured, our team will expertly install your vertical blinds with precision and style, ensuring they seamlessly enhance your space.

Vertical Blind Fitting

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

Great prices and great service . Luke was very professional to deal with
Fantastic service from Paul Stuart - he came up with the perfect solution for our situation. Always on time and prompt installation.
Great and friendly service. Highly recommended
I found Luke excellent to work with, he was knowledgeable and very quick with the install
We had been wanting outdoor blinds for a while however quotes were too expensive. Came across Lee and 1300blinds and he was the ONLY person to offer a solution for a complicated side that needed an almost custom blind. Lee was so knowledgeable, approachable, and reasonably priced. He has installed an amazing product, and we are about to book more blinds through him. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Stacking Layout

Vertical blinds offer versatile layout options to suit various window configurations and user preferences. One popular layout is the center stack, where the blind panels stack neatly in the center when fully open, providing a symmetrical and balanced appearance. This layout is ideal for windows with equal space on either side. Another option is the center opening layout, where the blind panels open from the center and stack on both sides. This layout is perfect for wider windows or sliding glass doors, allowing for maximum visibility and easy access. Additionally, vertical blinds can be customized with left or right stacking, where the panels stack to one side of the window. This layout is ideal for windows with limited space on one side, providing a clean and unobstructed view. Whichever layout you choose, vertical blinds offer a stylish and practical solution for light control, privacy, and enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

Stacking one way

One way draw Left or Right

Stacking Centre Split

Stacking Centre Split (Opening)

Stacking Centre Stack

Stacking Centre Stack