Veri Shades

Elevate your interior with the innovative and versatile Veri Shades, a seamless blend of the sophistication of curtains and the adaptability of blinds. These unique window coverings redefine the concept of style and functionality, offering a distinctive touch to any room.

Feel the Graceful Drapes

Experience the luxurious feel of soft fabric gracefully hanging, reminiscent of traditional curtains. Veri Shades bring an element of elegance and warmth to your living spaces, creating an inviting ambiance.

Unparalleled Versatility

Unlike traditional blinds, Veri Shades introduce a new level of flexibility. The absence of weights or chains allows you to walk through them effortlessly, whether they are open or closed. The fabric gently sways, offering an easy passage and settling back into place flawlessly.

Seamless Integration

Ideal for large openings, Veri Shades provide the perfect solution for creating a soft and stylish feature. Their ability to sway and settle without obstruction makes them a practical choice, especially in areas with frequent foot traffic.

Why Choose Veri Shades?

Elegance Redefined

Add a touch of sophistication to your space with the graceful drape of Veri Shades, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Effortless Movement

Enjoy the convenience of walking through the shades without any hindrance, providing a seamless transition.

Versatile Design

Whether fully opened, partially closed, or fully closed, Veri Shades offer versatile light control and privacy options.

Soft Features for Large Spaces

Perfect for creating soft features across expansive openings, Veri Shades bring a harmonious balance of style and functionality.

Tailor Your Look to Your Taste

With the ability to choose from a variety of fabrics and neutral tones, Veri Shades empower you to tailor your window coverings to suit your personal taste and interior preferences. Create a look that resonates with your style, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your space.

Transform your windows into a canvas of style with Veri Shades. Explore our diverse fabric options and neutral colour palette to discover the perfect combination that reflects your individuality. Contact us for a personalised consultation, and let’s bring your vision to life.


Practical, Safe, and Stylish: Elevate Your Space with Veri Shades

Innovative Design

Say goodbye to traditional weights and chains. With Veri Shades, you can effortlessly walk through them anywhere, whether they are opened or closed. Watch as they sway gracefully out of the way and settle back perfectly, making them an ideal choice for creating a soft feature across large openings.

Extended Span of Beauty

Veri Shades are designed to span up to six meters, offering a versatile and visually appealing solution for expansive spaces. Revel in the soft features they bring to large openings, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Privacy and Light Control with Ease

Thanks to the unique patented design, Veri Shades provide the elegance of sheers and the privacy of curtains. A simple turn of the wand allows you to effortlessly adjust the shades, controlling light levels and ensuring the desired level of privacy.

Opaque Privacy: Turn the wand one way to enjoy complete privacy and block out external light, creating a cosy and secluded space.

Sheer Delight: Turn the wand the other way, and the mesh fabric allows more light to filter through, offering a bright and airy ambiance.

Filtered Glow: Open the folds halfway for a beautiful filtered light effect, striking a balance between illumination and privacy.

Sunlit Radiance: Draw your Veri Shades fully back, akin to opening curtains, to flood your space with glorious sunlight.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Choose sustainability with Veri Shades. Free from PVC or filler materials, these shades embody an environmentally conscious design, making them a responsible choice for those who value eco-friendly solutions.

Transform your space into a haven of style, practicality, and safety with Veri Shades. Embrace innovation that brings together functionality, elegance, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today for a personalised consultation and take the first step toward redefining your window covering experience.


Transform Your Space with Veri Shades: Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation for a Custom Quote

Ready to experience the elegance and functionality of Veri Shades in your home or office? Take the first step towards transforming your space by scheduling a free in-home consultation with our expert team. Discover the versatility, style, and practicality that Veri Shades bring to your windows.

Why Choose Veri Shades?

Elegance and Versatility

Enjoy the feel of curtains with the versatility of blinds. The soft fabric of Veri Shades hangs beautifully, creating a sophisticated look for any space.

Privacy and Light Control

With the unique patented design, Veri Shades allow you to easily adjust light levels and privacy by simply turning the wand. Achieve varying levels of sunlight and openness to suit your preferences.

Space Efficiency

Veri Shades use a single track, optimising space in your rooms. The fabric folds are soil-resistant and can be easily taken down for washing or replacement.

UV Stabilised and Safe

The UV-stabilised fabric resists fading, ensuring a lasting aesthetic appeal. Veri Shades are also fire-retardant, providing an added layer of safety.

Customised Look

Choose from a range of fabrics, including modern geometric meshes, timeless net designs, and sophisticated leaf patterns. The neutral color options allow you to tailor the look to your taste.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Transform your living or working space with Veri Shades. Contact us now to schedule your free in-home consultation. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the process, offering personalised advice and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Unveil the perfect window coverings for your space – contact us for a custom Veri Shades quote today!

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We have been using Paul for a few years now. Always on time job done well and with quality products. Thanks again 1300 blinds
Luke was one of the only people I called that actually called me back and wanted to help! Ended up ordering 6 new blinds and they were installed the next week. Luke was a pleasure dealing with, and everyone compliments my new blinds!
Very pleased with my blinds and plantation shutters. Darren from the Wollongong area was both professional and provided competitive pricing. Would highly recommend.
A big thank you to Luke. He came out to look at two of our broken blinds which he fixed in 5 minutes. I highly recommend the work and work ethics of this young man. He is a true gentleman with a big heart.Thank you.
Very professional but also friendly. Luke took the time with us to make sure everything was as we wanted. They had quick install times and the price was awesome for the quality. Great range of products too.